2 Vixen Telescopes

Although though not as numerous as other brands these two Vixen telescopes are worthy of attention.

Vixen A70Lf OTA Refractor Telescope

The Vixen Company hails from Japan and has been setting the standard for high quality telescopes since 1949. This remarkable company brought us the first automatic go-to system astronomical telescope. They did not disappoint when they made the Vixen A70Lf OTA Refractor Telescope.

Do you or one of your children want to start learning about astronomy? The Vixen A70Lf OTA Refractor Telescope is the perfect place to begin. It is not expensive like the hi-tech professional telescopes, yet it has an unbelievable clarity that you don’t find in your average telescope.

This telescope has 70mm optics and has been given rave reviews. Users of the Vixen A70Lf OTA Refractor Telescope say that its 100x magnification of light gives it the edge over its competitor models. With an f/ratio of 12.9 and a 900mm focal range, you really can’t find another telescope of this quality for the price you’re paying. 

Vixen Telescopes

The Vixen A70Lf OTA Refractor Telescope is mobile and can be easily taken down and set up. You can decide on which mount you like as it is sold separately. Once the telescope is packed you can fit it in the trunk of a car or in a bedroom closet. This light weight telescope weighs 4.2 pounds. It is only 3 inches wide and 34 inches long.

When you purchase your Vixen A70Lf OTA you will see that it comes with 2 eyepieces, rings for mounting, a dove tail, finder scope and a diagonal. 

The Vixen A70Lf OTA has the capability of seeing the stars, many moons, planets and many other wonders of the universe. This however is not its only use; you can use it for sightseeing in this world too. You can take it with you when camping and look for wildlife from afar. The Vixen A70Lf OTA works in the daylight and the dark.

It doesn’t really matter if you are just a hobbyist that wants to look at the stars every once and a while or if you are really serious about studying astronomy. Vixen telescopes are ideal at any state and the Vixen A70Lf OTA Refractor Telescope won’t let you down.

Vixen Optics 2617 ED80S Refractor Telescope (White)
  • Optical tube :80mm (3.15") ED Apochromatic Multi-coated
  • Focal Length / f# :600mm f/7.5
  • Resolving Power :1.45 arc sec, 11.3
  • Optical Tube Length: Length 570mm / 22.4"
  • Accessories :Dovetail Plate, Tube Rings, Finder Scope, Flip Mirror, Case

ixen Optics R150S 5.9″/150mm Reflector Telescope Kit with Sphinx Mount

The Vixen R150S is probably best described as an advanced beginners telescope, as everything from its form to function look and feel like “next-level” technology.

First, the scope wonderfully exhibits all of its advertised specifications. It is a slimmed down version of a similar 8” unit, but the amount of collected light feels like an amazing value when you compare price tags. The more time you spend with the telescope, the more you discover the quality workmanship that comes from the Vixen brand. The focusing mechanism is the stand-out of all innovations at work in the R150S. The action is smooth and intuitive, as the slider moves along the length of the scope.

While other scopes use a traditional parallel axis for their focusing mechanisms, the parallel axis feels much more intuitive and results in smooth adjustment. And with the secondary mirror focus on the same plane, it feels as though you focus to a much more exact level. Much is made about the coating process of the mirrors, but seeing is believing, as the images produced by these finely crafted mirrors seems to justify the need for the innovation in the focusers.

There is little light lost, which leads to the last notable feature. Photography was clearly a focus in production, as the images are not only outstanding but easy to capture. The mount is ready to accept many different kinds of capture devices and methods. The word “supertelephoto lens” truly describes it best, as when a DSLR camera is attached. 

Portability is another plus for this telescope. It weighs in at under 11 pounds, a byproduct of the smaller refractor. It is clear that the easy-to-carry telescope was made to be transported, as normal shifting does nothing to the internal alignment. 

Finally, the Sphinx mount makes this set incredible. The equatorial mount is outstanding. Its movement is smooth and quick, thanks to its 180-tooth gear and center-weighted drive. All of this is completely necessary because of the STAR BOOK, which takes star chart interfaces to another level.

It feels like a stand-alone gadget, not a tacked-on toy, and its database is both immense and functional (the unit eliminates objects that can’t be viewed from selection). The only thing that feels dated on this entire setup is the D batteries required for the STARBOOK, but the AC and cigarette adapters eliminate this problem as well.

If you’re ready to take your amateur astronomy to the next level, Vixen telescopes and in particular this Vixen R150s is the telescope to take you there.

Vixen 2604 R130Sf Telescope
  • Lightweight and easy to mount
  • Sharp images with high-quality light-gathering technology
  • Standard 20mm Plossl allows wide views of deep sky objects
  • 130mm aperture

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