4 Great Seben Telescopes

Seben Telescopes: AC 60/900 Star Commander AZ-1

The AZ-1 Star Commander is the only refractive telescope manufactured by Seben. The focal width is 900mm and the aperture is 60mm. The included 1.25″ eyepieces, which are 4, 6, 12.5, and 20mm, reach 225x, 150x, 72x, and 45x levels of magnification respectively. Included are Barlow Lenses, which effectively double the magnification, making 450x the maximum possible. The telescope mounts on an azimuthal assembly and is equipped with a lightweight aluminum tripod. The entire assembly weighs 7.5 kg, making it readily portable.

Refractive telescopes are ideal for the beginner. Rather than using mirrors to focus the image, they use magnifying lenses, both inside the scope and in the eyepieces. These lenses are firmly fixed in place. Mirrors in reflective scopes fall out of alignment regularly and require calibration which more experienced astronomers are up to the task for. Refractive scopes produce higher contrast images than reflective ones. This scope will therefore be well-suited for viewing highly detailed objects, as when one is viewing nature, the moon or the planets. However refractive scopes suffer from certain aberrations that make them less than satisfactory for viewing stars, galaxies and nebulae. 

The accessories included are invaluable for the beginner. For someone who has only begun to acquaint himself with the positions of the heavenly objects, the included finder is necessary. Moon filters will protect the eyes while viewing exceptionally bright objects, if one is viewing the moon or observing terrestrial bodies in broad daylight.

At 69,00 euro (about 100 USD) the AZ-1 Star Commander is easily one of the most affordable telescopes on the market. Expert reviewers have noted that at this price, the quality suffers; consequently they recommend spending more. However it is fairly typical for an expert to spend as much as one can afford. For the beginner, however, it would be much wiser to discover the joys of the hobby before discovering how expensive and high-maintenance the hobby actually is.

Seben 900-60 Star Commander Refractor Telescope Astronomy Scope Astronomical
  • Faintest discernable stars: 11.5M! (over 1,000,000 Stars visible!)
  • Extendable for astrophotography, usage of filters, etc. because of the 31.7mm (1.25") accessory sockets • Mount: azimuthal
  • Mount: azimuthal
  • Magnification normal: SR4mm/225x, H6mm/150x, H12.5mm/77x, H20mm/45x
  • Magnification with Barlow-Lens SR4mm/450x, H6mm/300x, H12.5mm/144x, H20mm/90x

Seben Telescopes: Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector

Many individuals seeking to enter the field of astronomy, whether as a student or for pleasure, are looking for a very basic telescope. Although the Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm reflector telescope is certainly not considered entry-level, it’s easy enough for a novice to use and yet has features that even the most experienced astronomer can truly appreciate. 

The sheer size of the Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector Telescope makes it very difficult to transport, as does the weight of it at just over 24kg. However, the 203mm aperture and the 1000mm focal length definitely provide an amazing view and extraordinary capabilities. In addition to the other accessories that are included, the 32mm erecting eyepiece allows users to view wildlife and landscapes in the upright position. The other eyepieces are designed more for astronomy purposes. Many other accessories are available that can utilize the very popular 1.25″ sockets, and such items can include multiple filters, photography and astrophotography equipment, and various motor components and options.

Although the 8×50 finder scope may not seem much larger in size than that of the typical 6×30 scopes, Seben claims that it boasts a 35% higher light transmission which makes locating objects much easier. The included tri-pod is very sturdy and durable, but as stated above is not very portable. However, this is a small price to pay for magnification levels that can be as high as 66,66x while using a Barlow lens.

Few packages include as many items as the standard Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector Telescope does, and the multiple eyepieces and magnification possibilities lend to an experience that will not disappoint even the most experienced astronomer. Although like other reflector telescopes this one is not inexpensive, the quality of the unit is absolutely worth it. Seben stands proudly behind their equipment, with many components being guaranteed for a lifetime free of manufacturer defects or craftsmanship issues. An individual contemplating a hobby in astronomy may not truly understand all the features and benefits that the Seben Navigator II 203-1000mm Reflector Telescope has to offer, but a more experienced astronomer will undoubtedly appreciate the design, quality, and capability.

Seben 76/900 EQ-2 - Reflecting telescope for astronomy incl. Smartphone adapter, mount, eyepiece filter set
  • Astronomical reflector telescope with powerful imaging of stars, moon and planets in high detail and contrast
  • Astrophotography with the included DKA5 mobile phone adapter for imaging and video recording
  • Wide observation range with the Big Pack accessories consisting of various eyepieces, magnifying lenses and filters
  • Sturdy aluminium tripod, height adjustable with equatorial mount and integrated eyepiece rest
  • Professional Newton telescope with solid full tube and fine magnification due to 1.25 inch eyepiece extension with gear rack
4 Great Seben Telescopes

Seben Big Boss 1400-150 Reflector Telescope

The Seben Big Boss 1400-150 Reflector Telescope is a catadioptric telescope that combines easy portability and amazing range to provide beginning and intermediate amateur astronomers a good value for their money and a “step up” from their first telescopes. Beginners will enjoy the wide range of objects that can be seen through this telescope while intermediate users will enjoy using a telescope that is easy to carry and easy to use for honing in on objects with great clarity and sharpness.

Here’s a brief guide to The Seben Big Boss 1400-150 Reflector Telescope that demonstrates these features and more in better detail. It includes information on the most important features that make this telescope a good “stepping stone” telescope. Also included is information on the specs of the telescope and information on the price ranges one should reasonably expect to pay for this item. 

All users will enjoy the equatorial mount (EQ3) of the telescope. It enables the user to easily keep up with and track objects they see in the sky as they travel across the sky. The mount is easy to use and can turn up to 180 degrees in one go. This makes it perfect for planet and star watchers who wish to follow the progression of an object for a long time. 

Serious intermediate Moon watchers will enjoy an optional Moon Filter that filters the glare from sunlight bouncing off the Moon. The resulting images are colourful, sharp and full of details of craters and canyons that the sunlight’s glare often hides from view. 

Beginners will LOVE the range of this telescope. Its focal length of 1400mm ( f/9) and 150mm make it possible to see objects at least 1.5-2.0 billion light years away! When combined with a viewing range of over 5 million stars that are very visible, this telescope will give beginners much pleasure as they learn how to view and discern objects in the sky. 

Finally, the (31.7mm) 1,5x Erecting Eyepiece produces upright and side correct images that are crystal-clear and sharp. Objects like animals, birds and landmarks that can appear fuzzy or distorted now appear with fantastic clarity and sharpness that make them appear like they are right in front of you!


  • Aperture: 150mm.
  • Focal Length: 1400mm (f/9).
  • Potential Magnification: 56x, 70x, 215x.
  • Optimum Magnification: 150x.
  • Weight: 14 kg (28.8 lbs).
Seben Big Boss 1400-150 6" EQ3 Reflector Telescope Astronomy Scope Astronomical
  • Faintest discernable stars: 13.8M! (over 5,650,000 Stars visible!!!)
  • Aperture: 150mm
  • Focal Length: 1400mm (catadioptric system)
  • Extendable for astrophotography, usage of filters, etc. because of the 31.7mm (1.25") accessory sockets
  • Magnification: PL 6,5mm/215x, PL 25mm/56x

Seben Star Sheriff 1000-114 Reflector Telescope

Seben telescopes have a reputation of affordability which experts have noted, although they also note that the quality of the scope suffers to a degree. However, most customer reviews are positive, and for the beginning hobbyist, Seben may be a preferable choice; one may be unwilling to spend 500 or more Euro for the latest Meade or Celestron design.

The Star Sheriff is one of Seben’s larger scopes; it has 114mm aperture, a focal length of 1000mm, and a weight of 11kg. Even so, the catadioptric design is relatively compact, making the assembled scope readily portable. 

The package comes with Seben’s standard set of accessories: 4 eyepieces of varying magnifications, moon filters which clarify details on surfaces that reflect a great deal of sunlight, reverse lenses for terrestrial observation, a finder which assists in locating stars, and a Barlow lens which effectively doubles the eyepiece magnification. Thus the scope achieves a range of magnification from 50x to 500x. The manufacturer recommends 228x as the maximum ideal magnification, before aberrations appear in the image.

Large scopes are generally not well suited for terrestrial observation, but they are excellent for viewing stars, galaxies and planets. The Star Sheriff has a magnitude limit of 12.8M, so there are over 2,250,000 known stars that will be visible with this scope. This scope design is compatible with a reflector engine mechanism (occasionally included with the scope, depending on when and from whom it is bought) which will maintain focus on a particular point in the celestial sphere by continuously adjusting the scope as the Earth rotates. This saves a great deal of trouble for the hobbyist. 

Like all other Seben telescopes, the Star Sheriff uses 31.7mm eyepieces and accessories, as opposed to the outdated 24.5mm designs. This allows telescopes to be connected to modern astro-photography cameras if desired. The buyer who has just developed an interest will see the Seben Star Sheriff to be an affordable, up to date piece of equipment.

Seben 114/1000 EQ-3 Star Sheriff - reflecting telescope for astronomy incl. parallactic mount and Big Pack accessories
  • High-performance reflector telescope in compact design with precisely polished mirrors for bright and high-contrast imaging
  • Professional equipment due to equatorial EQ-3 mounting on a stable tripod aluminium tripod with integrated eyepiece holder
  • Observation of over 2 million stars at max. 230x magnification through a variety of eyepieces and magnifying lenses
  • Upgrade for astrophotography possible with 1.25 inch eyepiece extension and optional accessories like motor and filter
  • Professional Newton telescope with solid tube and fine magnification with gear rack

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