5 Sky-Watcher Reflector Telescopes

Here are five Sky-Watcher reflector telescopes that will be keep your very busy with your astronomy. Superb build quality and plenty of features.

Sky-Watcher GreatStart Newtonian Reflector Telescope

If you are interested in the stars, the cosmos, and all things that are located outside of Earth’s atmosphere, the Sky-Watcher GreatStart Newtonian Reflector Telescope is a great one to buy to get into the hobby. It is powerful and can locate many different celestial bodies, all while being easy to use for the beginner — and of a high enough quality to satisfy those who have been gazing at the stars for some time. It is truly a great telescope, with a wide array of different features that make it an incredible buy for anyone to use when looking for stars or planets, no matter how serious they are about the subject. 

One of the best features of the Sky-Watcher is that it uses the Red Dot finders system to allow you to locate things with the telescope before looking for them using the main optical lens. Many people have had the frustrating experience of searching around with a telescope, feeling that they are seeing nothing when there is so much in front of the telescope to be seen.

The problem is just that the original location of an object can sometimes be hard to find, as the lens is zooming in on the object in a way the human eye is not used to. The Red Dot system means that you can locate the object first, make sure you know where it is, and then use the lens to look more closely. This takes all of the frustration out of the process and makes it so that you spend your time really looking at the star or planet you wanted to look at, not searching for it in vain. 

Sky-Watcher Reflector Telescopes

Another great feature is that the 2X Barlow lens is very powerful. Many people have also had the experience of looking through a telescope, only to feel that nothing looks that much closer. This will not be a problem with the Sky-Watcher. The lens, when used with an eyepiece, can provide, amazingly, twice the strength and twice the power. The eyepiece can be used to enhance what one is able to see to the point that using the Sky-Watcher will make things look vibrant and new, exciting and interesting. 

As far as design is concerned, the Sky-Watcher is very well-made. It is tough and durable, because the engineers understood that accidents sometimes do happen. The mechanical controls operate with a smoothness that makes the view consistent and enjoyable — there is no jerking around; there are no shaky movements when bringing the lens to focus on another part of the sky.

You will feel like you are in full command of the Sky-Watcher, swinging it around with ease to view whatever you want, not that you are fighting it every step of the way to make it operate well. Combined with the durability, this is a telescope that can last for a long time. 

The Sky-Watcher is also not too heavy, as far as telescopes are concerned. At a mere forty-two pounds, it is easy to carry when it has been taken apart and not very hard to move even when it is all together. It is not a featherweight, granted, but for such a good telescope, the weight will not be an issue. 

For those new to the hobby and those who have been enjoying it for a long time, the Sky-Watcher GreatStart Newtonian Reflector Telescope is a great tool to buy. It is a piece of equipment that you will love both when stargazing on your own and when doing it with friends and family. The Sky-Watcher will turn the reaches of outer space into a very exciting vista, something worth looking into again and again.

Sky-Watcher Heritage 76 Mini Dobsonian Telescope
  • Parabolic 76mm Mirror
  • Upgraded Eyepieces 1.25"
  • Finder Scope Included
  • Wooden Alt-Azimuth Mount
  • Official Year of astronomy Master Piece

Sky-Watcher Explorer 130PM 130mm Newtonian Reflector

Next in our list of Sky-Watcher reflector telescopes is the Explorer 130PM 130mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope is an advanced telescope that truly gives the consumer more value for the money. With many awards under its belt, the Sky-Watcher is a popular selection on the scope market, offering not only fantastic optical specs, but great mounting and standard equipment as well. 

The optics on this telescope are fantastic, bringing into light distant planets, stars, and offering great detail to those celestial bodies that are closest to us. The reflectors are of high durability, being coated several times with silicone dioxide for longevity. This telescope boasts a 130mm aperture and parabolic mirror. In essence, the Sky-Watcher Explorer 130PM 130mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope is capable of delivering magnification of up to 275 times. That is a phenomenal feature for such an inexpensive telescope. 

The mounting and tripod for the Sky-Watcher is equally sturdy, made of solid aluminum and created with consideration for the addition of accessories being taken into account during the engineering period. Also, this scope carries a finder light for amateur astronomers. This red LED prevents squinting through a small finder, instead being used with both eyes open at any distance. Perhaps most interesting, is the use of a motor inside the telescope to keep up with rotation cycles. Though there is a manual option, the motorized mechanism makes viewing optimal, with one less step to worry about.

Astronomy Now says, “I was most impressed by the views revealed by the ‘scope during tests…Despite a phase of nearly 96 percent, the waxing gibbous Moon revealed a seemingly inexhaustible amount of fine detail…The mechanical and optical specification delivered at this price break puts it into an essentially peerless position. Highly recommended!”

Truly, at this price point, there isn’t a better telescope on the market. With magazines exclaiming its value and users proud of its ability and quality, the Sky-Watcher Explorer Reflector Telescope is a good choice.

Sky-Watcher Newton Telescopes - 130/900 Eq2 Equatorial Mount, Black
  • Magnification (with optics supplied): 36x, 72x, 90X, 180x
  • 30% more light gathering than 114 mm
  • Box contents: 130 mm f/900 Newton telescope, eyepieces supplied (1.25): 10 mm and 25 mm, 2x Barlow Lenses, Red Dot Finder Scope, EQ2 equatorial mount, aluminium tripod with accessories compartment

Sky-Watcher Explorer 250PX HEQ5 SynTrek 250mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope

Serious amateur astronomers with bigger hobby budgets will enjoy using the Sky-Watcher Explorer 250PX HEQ5 SynTrek 250mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope. Its versatile aperture range, surprisingly lightweight body and high-quality parabolic primary mirrors are just a few of the astounding features that make this item a worthy choice for viewing objects in our solar system with breathtaking clarity. Here’s a guide to the Sky-Watcher Explorer 250PX HEQ5 SynTrek 250mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope that describes in greater detail the telescope’s outstanding features. It includes information about the features that make it a good buy, the telescope’s important specs and a price range to know what to reasonably expect to pay for this item.


The serious amateur astronomer will find the aperture range of the telescope’s Newtonian reflectors to be spot on even the most demanding standards. From a very respectable 130mm to a stupendous 300mm, the aperture range gives users fantastic all round range to see many planets, near-by stars and the moon with great clarity and beauty.

The clarity and the beauty of the images is enhanced with its high-quality silicon dioxide coated primary parabolic mirror that is built to eliminate the fuzzy distortions you might get when using spherical primary mirrors that use “fast” focal length reflectors. The primary parabolic mirrors on this telescope take full advantage of the parabola’s special light focusing capabilities so that the images you see are crisp, clear and without those nagging fuzzy distortions that can ruin a lovely evening of stargazing. 

Furthermore, the serious amateur will also appreciate the durable 1.75″ stainless steel tripod that can be adjusted to a height between 85-147 cm (34-46.8 inches) and users who stargaze often will enjoy never having to stoop down again to use their telescopes. 

Finally, its portability will amaze you. Its lightweight body (it weighs only 25.3 lbs (11.5 kgs)) and small physical dimensions (126.5 cm x 47cm x 51.5 cm) (50.6″ x 18.8″ x 20.6″) make it jolly easy to carry with you on stargazing trips. 

Important Specs:
Magnification capabilities: 46x, 92x, 120x, 240x
Highest Potential Practical Power: 500x
Diameter of Primary Mirror: 254mm
Telescope Focal Length: 1200mm (f/4.8)

Sky-Watcher Star Discovery P150i 150mm (6”) F/5 Wi-Fi Go-To Parabolic Newtonian Reflector
  • Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x30 & x75 ,Highest Practical Power (Potential): x300
  • 45mm Sky-Watcher/Vixen type dovetail saddle
  • Interface: SynScan Hand Control Port, DSLR Shutter Release Port (optional cables available separately)
  • Connectivity: ASCOM platform for Windows PC, Mobile planetarium App for iOS and Android ( SkySafari Plus/Pro, more are coming).
  • Power Requirement: 12v DC 1Amp Power Supply (Tip Positive) or 8 x AA Batteries (not supplied)

Sky-Watcher Explorer 300P NEQ6 PRO SynScan 300mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope

The Sky-Watcher Explorer 300P with NEQ6 PRO SynScan 300mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope is a large step up in imaging power. The 300P boasts a 300mm refractor, which provides seemingly exponential improvement over smaller mirrors. The sheer amount of light collected means a wider range of celestial objects is visible in all conditions. It means higher resolution and sharper contrast of the notable nearby planets and the moon. This is all possible because of the ‘fast’ focal length of 1500m, or f/5. The length supports the larger mirror and produces striking images and makes the best use of the light collection.

To prevent the large mirror from creating spherical distortion, the lenses focus images with parabolic construction. Also, the secondary mirror supports are ultra thin, meaning any loss of contrast typical of larger refractors is reduced. To add versatility to the power, the scope comes with two eyepieces that creates four levels of magnification using the Crayford two stage focuser. The eyepieces and focuser fit 1.25” and 2” peripherals, and a connection allows an SLR camera to be connected directly. 

The NEQ6 Pro mount is a computerised drive system with a quick slew speed and precise controls that effective utilizes all of the Explorer’s power. With the touch of a button, the mount can align to one of over 13,000 programmed objects in its database. The primary control is a hand held SynScan keypad, and it makes use of the small step angle (1.8 degrees) and drive speed which can align itself to any object in seconds. The guide speed is also adjustable, and has a high degree of accuracy in its movement for any level of astronomer.

Not only is it manually controllable, but a serial port in the controller can also connect the mount to a computer. Though the NEQ6 Pro is not paired with any particular software, it accommodates many kinds of astronomical programs. The dovetail mount accepts many scopes, and can easily handle heavy scopes. It gives the Explorer a high degree of stability, and is enhanced by the steel tripod which also has a useful accessory tray. The NEQ 6 Pro is powered by a DC adapter and counterweighted for reliable operation. 

The power of the Explorer 300P is immediately noticeable, and will provide a big step up for the astronomer accustomed to smaller refractors. The scope is tuned to handle the amount of light collected, and when combined with a high-quality mount, the Sky-Watcher Explorer 300P with NEQ6 Pro mount is a professional-grade telescope.

Sky-Watcher Heritage 76 Mini Dobsonian Telescope
  • Parabolic 76mm Mirror
  • Upgraded Eyepieces 1.25"
  • Finder Scope Included
  • Wooden Alt-Azimuth Mount
  • Official Year of astronomy Master Piece

Sky-Watcher Skyhawk 114 Catadioptric Newtonian Reflector Telescope

The Skyhawk models from Sky-Watcher offer you a shorter, far more compact tube to your telescope that will give you the added benefit of offering a more light weight telescope that is convenient and more easily transported along on your night outings.

The Skyhawk 114 Catadioptric Newtonian Reflector Telescope is a very good choice for those who are beginning their astronomy hobby. They will want a much larger aperture from which to watch, and some better performance, in order to get them interested and give them some first round success in sky watching. This, as well as a lower price, will make the Skyhawk one of the best for the beginner. 

The Skyhawk 114 catadioptric item has a much longer focal length than some of the others, which means that it will give you the advantage of permitting a higher magnification than the smaller, more short focal lengths will give. 

Many reflector telescopes today offer you a coat of aluminum as the surface of the mirror. The Skyhawk will then overcoat it with multiple coatings of silicon dioxide. This gives you a much more durable coating. As the mirror is open to the weather, the additional coating prevents the reduction in resolution that will take place if the coating is not used. The Sky-Watcher telescopes, coating with multiple layers of the silicone dioxide offer you maximum durability and very good long term wear, which again, makes them perfect for the beginner or intermediate astronomer.

The light is superior to many other models of beginning telescopes, and the ability to see Saturn’s rings and some of the Nebula will encourage the new users taste for sky viewing by letting them see into space for the first time in a very clear and concise way. 

According to the manufacturer the specifications for the Skyhawk are:

The Magnifications which are possible with the Skyhawk: x40, x80, x100, x200

The Focal Length of the Skyhawk: 1000mm (f/8.77)

Eyepieces Which are Supplied: 10mm & 25mm

Other inclusions are: Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray

Skywatcher Explorer 130P SynScan AZ GOTO (130 mm (5.1 Inches) f/650 – Computer-Controlled Newtonian Telescope with Parabolic Mirror – Black
  • Magnification (with eyepieces supplied): 36x and 90x
  • Ultra-thin 0.5 mm brackets for the secondary mirror
  • Receives 30% more light than 114 mm
  • Box contents: 130 mm f/650 computerised parabolic Newtonian telescope; with eyepieces (1.25 inches): 10 mm and 25 mm; parabolic primary mirror; 6 x 30 Finder scope 2" tooth rack focusing lens with 1.25” adaptor, tripod with accessory tray

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