Astro-Tech AT66ED refractor

The Astro-Tech AT66ED 11.5-inch scope comes equipped with 66mm ED apochromatic optics that prevent chromatic aberration (color distortion), providing fantastically accurate views. Astro-Tech has further enhanced the AT66ED’s clarity and precision with the breakthrough use of broadband anti-reflection mutlicoatings on the objective lens on every glass to glass surface.

This cutting edge technology sharpens the contrast by isolating collected light to the objects emitting it instead of allowing light to diffuse and blur as with lesser scopes.

Additionally, ten light baffles in the optical tube deepen this contrast even further. Astro-Tech has also blackened the edges of the objective lens, eliminating internal reflections to ensure that what the eye sees through the scope is as true a representation as possible. 

Its state of the art optics, with a useful range of 10x to 133x, place this telescope in a class of its own for small scope astrophotography. Photos taken with it represent the true color and detail of heavenly objects with minimal vignetting. The AT66ED can also help capture fantastic landscape photos.

Astro-Tech manufactured the tube, fittings, and accessories to match the quality of this telescopes outstanding optics. Baked white paint and anodized black trim provide a sleek, protective finish its tube. It is fit to use with most equatorial mounts as well as standard camera tripods. The AT66ED refracting telescope is small enough to use as a finder scope, but high enough quality to stand on its own, on a mount or hand held. 

Astro-Tech AT66ED

Astro-Tech AT66ED Accessories

A variety of top quality accessories accompany the AT66ED. A lens shade extends the 11.5-inch tube to 14.25 inches, reducing terrestrial light pollution. Along with minimizing ambient light intrusion, this shade acts as a dew shield, slowing condensation during cold-weather observation. The dual-speed microfine focuser assures crisp, clear images and synchronization with camera controls. A slip-on metal dust cap comes standard with the AT66ED.

Of its many accessories, the most notable is the aluminum locking hardcase. While most telescope manufacturers offer cases for separate purchase, Astro-Tech recognizes the importance of maintaining precisely-manufactured equipment. With foam fitted to protect the scope, up to three eyepieces, and a 1.25-inch or 2-inch star diagonal, this 15.25″ x 9.75″ x 7.25″ portable case keeps the AT66ED in good condition through observation after observation. 

Astro-Tech backs the quality and construction of the AT66ED with a two-year warranty.