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4 Bresser Messier Telescopes

Bresser Messier AR-127L Refractor Telescope

While not among the cheapest, Bresser Messier telescopes look and feel very appealing to newcomers to astronomy. Being an amateur astronomer, I wanted a telescope that was very functional, but reasonably priced. I found exactly that with the Bresser Messier AR-127L Refractor Telescope. This telescope can do it all and it didn’t drain my wallet dry. Not only is this telescope powerful, but it came with an equatorial mount and tripod. The telescope was simple to set up and very easy to use. Mounting the telescope on the tripod was a snap because it only weighs a light 21 KG.

After the easy set up of my new telescope, I couldn’t wait to get outside and search for planets. To my surprise, I was able to count the rings around Saturn. I could even count the craters on the moon. I was floored by the power of the Bresser Messier AR-127L. I had the planets in my 5″ clear aperture and I swear that I can reach out and touch them. I could even see shadows on the planets cast by their moons. This telescope is definitely worth every penny I spent. 

I highly recommend the AR-127L to anyone, amateur or not. Having this telescope has opened up the universe to me in a whole new way. Another awesome feature is that although not necessary, I can purchase several different attachments to compliment my telescope. These are also affordable and I know will open the skies even more. I fell in love with my telescope the instant I first viewed Mars through its powerful lens, and I know that anyone who purchases one will do the same.

After a warm summer night of star gazing through my new telescope, I sat back and marveled at the deal that I had gotten. This was the most powerful and easiest to use model of telescope that I had ever seen. I was majorly impressed with the quality of my telescope. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my purchase. Then, when I thought that things couldn’t be better, I read an article in Sky at Night Magazine talking about my award winning telescope. An excellent value, easy to use, wonderful views of the night sky, and an award winner. My telescope really does do it all!

Bresser telescope Messier AR-127L/1200 OTA
  • High quality achromatic lense telescope with tube clamps and GP-Level dovetail plate
  • Optical design: Achromatic refractor
  • Aperture: 127mm / Focal length: 1200mm / Maximum recommended magnification: 250x
  • Length of telescope: 1220mm / Diameter of the tube: 133mm / Weight: 11.92 KG
  • Included: Telescope without mount, 26mm eyepiece, zenith mirror, tube clamps with GP-Level dovetail plate, handle and photo adapter, 8x50 optical finder, Astronomy Software, rotatable star map, manual

Bresser Messier 130mm reflector starter kit

The Bresser Messier telescopes are among some of the best starter telescopes for either older children or adults. The reason we rate it this way is that it tends to offer you more light than the other telescopes that are being sold at this price. It will actually give you about thirty percent more light than the 114 mm reflector telescopes. That means you’re going to see a lot more and have a greater range of targets to choose from.

With the Bresser Messier 130 you’re getting a lot more than just an introduction to astronomy. The telescope is fairly easy to use and to grow accustomed to, but will take you into intermediate levels of astronomy without the need to replace your telescope immediately.

It has a very heavy duty equatorial mount that you can easily upgrade, and give yourselfa system that is motor driven to help counteract the motion of the earth. Targets can be examined in closer detail and photos can be a little more advanced than with most started telescopes.

Your range of targets to view will be far wider with the Bresser Messier than other beginning scopes, and this one is very well suited to planetary observation, as well as astro-photography.

The Bresser Messier comes as a kit, so you’re going to get a lot more than the telescope when you purchase it, for a remarkable cost. THe price is just about £249.99 inc UK p&p. What makes that remarkable is that the normal cost for this type kit would likely be about £290.

Classed as a Newtonian reflector, the Bresser Messier 130 features a pyrex mirror that is about 130mm, or well over five inches. All of the optics of the Bresser Messier are coated with an anti-reflection coating that is top range.

What do you get with the advanced starter kit? Bresser Messier advanced 130mm reflector starter kits feature the 130mm reflector telescope, four eyepieces, (4mm,10mm,12.5mm and 25mm) a 2x Barlow lens, and a solid metal rack and pinion focus. The kit additionally features an equatorial mount that has a field tripod of full height, a 6×30 finder scope, illustrated manual so that you’re going to have minimal problems setting up your telescope, as well as Sky Charts, the astronomy software on CD that will show you the skies on your computer and let you print out the charts for any sky viewing that you might find interesting.

BRESSER Messier AR102/1000 EXOS2 GOTO Telescope Starter Kit
  • Telescope starter kit contains many additional accessories
  • Telescope for night and solar observation
  • Automatic navigation to observation objects by a push of a button
  • Details of the moon, sun and planets visible
  • Taking pictures of the objects with your own smartphone

Bresser Messier N130 Newtonian Reflector Telescope

The Bresser Messier N130 Newtonian Reflector Telescope comes from a company with a long history of providing high quality telescopes to its customers. Bresser Messier is a company owned by Meade. Meade has been providing its customers with some of the best quality telescopes in the business since 1972. The Bresser Messier N130 Newtonian Reflector Telescope is a perfect example of the high standards set by Meade.

This reflector telescope is known for its clarity in color, brightness and amazing focusing abilities. The “N130” refers to its 130mm diameter. The average 114mm reflector telescope runs at about the same price range as the Bresser Messier N130 Newtonian Reflector Telescope but the N130 gives 30% more light. This is one of the major reasons that consumers like this telescope. They get more for their money.

Setting up the Bresser Messier N130 Newtonian Reflector Telescope is very easy. It comes with a portable equatorial mount which can be effortlessly attached to the telescope. You can view the stars with any of the 3 eye pieces that come with the telescope. You have the option of using the 25mm, 12.5mm or 10mm eyepiece. The Barlow lens provided with the N130 can be used to double the magnification of any of the 3 eyepiece lenses. 

Another great feature on the N130 is the 6x30mm optical finder. This feature helps you track your stars and find the exact constellations you’re looking for. You shouldn’t have any problem finding those constellations considering the Bresser Messier N130 Newtonian Reflector Telescope has a 1000mm focal length. Did I mention that when you purchase the N130 that you get a CD-ROM with charts of the night time sky? You can print these charts and use them as a guide to find constellations in the sky. This is a real fun way to learn the constellations. You can take your print outs outside in the pure black night along with your N130 telescope because this complete package even comes with an LED flashlight.

Worried that the telescope, mount and tripod are going to be heavy and a pain to lug around? Don’t worry. This compact precision telescope, with the mount and tripod, weighs a total of only 17.3 kilos. 

For serious astronomers the Bresser Messier N130 Newtonian Reflector Telescope really hits the spot. The reviews for this telescope speak for themselves. People are using this wonderful tool for not only star gazing but for looking at anything from afar. One customer boasts that he wouldn’t know a star if it hit him in the face but he has a Bresser Messier N130 Newtonian Reflector Telescope and uses it to study wild animals from thousands of feet away.

The bottom line is that the Bresser Messier N130 Newtonian Reflector Telescope is a good priced, powerful and high quality telescope that gives you a clear image and doesn’t take a scientist to set up.

Bresser Telescope Newtonian 130/650 EQ3 with mount and tripod
  • A high quality Newton telescope with a large aperture, high magnification range and stable mount. For beginners and advanced users and ideal for lunar and planetary observation.
  • The main mirror diameter is 130 mm and the focal length is 650 mm. This makes it possible to achieve magnifications of 26-260x, which is ideal for observing large objects.
  • The equatorial mount with flexible shafts allows easy tracking and the sturdy tripod provides the necessary support. The Astro software and telescope fibel make it easy to get started.
  • Dimensions: 120x40x40 cm / Weight: 3.25 Kg
  • Scope of delivery: Telescope with tripod and mount; 2 eyepieces; 3x Barlow lens; Redspot shear; PC Software Stellarium; Telescope fibel

Bresser Pluto 4.5 Reflector Telescope

The Bresser Pluto is what is known as a Newtonian reflector telescope. This means that the telescope uses a primary mirror which is concave, along with a diagonal mirror secondary to this. 

One advantage of the reflector telescope for the new astronomer is that it does not often have the chromatic aberration that can be found in the refractor telescopes, so you won’t be seeing those fringes of color that you might in the refractor variety.

One further advantage of the reflector variety of telescope is that your costs will be somewhat less than the refractor variety, although this will be dependent upon the model you select.

The Bresser Pluto Reflector telescope has a 45 centimeter long tube and a 114 mm mirror diameter. The focal length of the Bresser Pluto is 500 mm. The Bresser Pluto 4.5 Reflector Telescope offers you a good, clean image of the moon, and brightly lit images of the planets, as well as objects which are deeper in the sky. 

The Bresser Pluto 4.5 telescope is great for the beginner or intermediate astronomer because it has a generous opening which will assist them in finding various constellations. 

The larger aperture which the Bresser Pluto 4.5 offers you tends to make the finding of deep sky objects much easier to accomplish. This will be the ideal telescope for your beginning astronomer. The higher level of success in finding the sky objects they are seeking tends to be more motivating for the new sky watcher.

It is also lightweight and very portable in it’s design. This means that setup will be much easier and taking the Bresser Pluto along with you is more readily done, as opposed to having to struggle to transport your telescope.

The Bresser Pluto 4.5 Reflector Telescope gives you a 5×24 finder scope, two eyepieces, a 3x Barlow lens and is equipped with a full sized aluminum tripod.

Bresser Telescope Pluto 114/500 with mount and tripod
  • The Pluto reflector telescope according to Newton design is suitable for beginners as well as hobby astronomers. It is ideal for observing large objects like gas nebulae, star clusters or the Andromeda galaxy.
  • Magnifications up to 375x can be achieved with the telescope. With the smartphone adapter you can easily take pictures of the moon and its crater. Simply attach a smartphone with the adapter to the eyepiece and you can start.
  • The LED finder and the parallactic mount allow easy tracking and the main and secondary mirrors are fully adjustable.
  • Tube length: 500 mm / Weight: 9.07 kg
  • Scope of delivery: telescope; equatorial mount; aluminium tripod; eyepieces: 4 mm, 20 mm; smartphone adapter; LED viewfinder; 3x Barlow lens; accessory tray; software & moon map for download

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