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Celestron Astromaster 90 AZ Refractor Telescope

The Celestron Astromaster 90 AZ refractor telescope is great for the beginner gazer who wants to view images on the ground as well as images in the sky. It is all one piece for ease of transport and setup. The attached adjustable tripod also comes with a convenient tray to store accessories. For the beginner gazer, it is best to start viewing objects on the ground so you can get used to the telescope and learn how to use the eyepieces and how they adjust. Once you are comfortable with changing magnification during the daylight, move to nigh time gazing. 

This Astromaster 90 AZ comes equipped with an equatorial mount with setting circles to help accurately track objects in the sky. If there is a particular star or planet you wish to track, this equatorial mount adjusts to the earth’s rotation and makes adjustments to compensate for that.

This telescope comes equipped with 2 lenses. A 20mm lens that gives a 50x resolution, and 10mm lens that gives a 100x magnification. The smaller the mm, the larger the object will be. The eyepieces are very comfortable and coated with glass optics both to protect the lens and to give a defined picture every time. There is also a 2 year limited warranty.

The Starry Night software that comes with the telescope has 10,000 objects in its database with enhanced images. For the beginner, this can be very helpful in learning the different objects, solar systems, planets, moons and other various objects in our solar system, and other solar systems. The benefit of this is when you take your telescope outside to view, you will be educated as to what you are looking at, and will therefore be more satisfied with your experience.

It does not have a GPS or Go To option, but don’t take that as a bad thing. It helps as you learn the things you are gazing at by studying the software. There have been some few complaints about the 23lb. weight, but remember that this is all one piece, so it really is not too heavy to tote around. 

All things considered, the Celestron Astromaster 90 AZ refractor telescope is a great deal for the beginner.  The worst thing a beginner can do is buy something that is confusing to use and hard to understand. That can be worked up to if the star-gazing becomes more than a passing hobby.

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Celestron 21061 AstroMaster 70 AZ

The Celestron 21061 AstroMaster alt azimuth (az) refractor with erect image optics gives excellent close inspection of the moon and planets in the night sky as well as terrestrial viewing. It is easy to assemble without tools and has a first rate all coated glass optical system for very clear images. 

It is very light and easy to carry on holidays to the mountains or sea for panoramic views and to observe wildlife. For stargazers it gives a clear view of the constellations and the moon with fairly good detail of the larger planets in our solar system. The rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter are easy to see. 

The AstroMaster 70 can grasp light 100 times better than the naked eye which is one reason it is excellent for night as well as twilight viewing. It resolves detail that is 10 times smaller than can be seen with the unaided eye. With these two attributes combined with two eyepieces, one at 20mm for 45x magnification and one at 10mm for 90x magnification, it will bring into clear focus detail of land and sky previously hidden. 

The optical system contains an all-glass refractor optical tube with a dew shield that slows the formation of dew. It has a dovetail mount with a quick-release on the optical tube which allows it to be locked in place without tools by using a knob. The optics are coated with magnesium fluoride anti reflection for good contrast and high light transmission. The rack and pinion focuser has large knobs that are easy to use, even with gloves, when it’s cold. There are dual knobs which can be used with either hand for precision image control. 

The star diagonal eyepiece holder allows viewing overhead comfortably with a mirror image. For celestial viewing and most animals this is not a problem, but if right reading letters and numbers is needed a 45 degree viewing angle image-erecting diagonal can be purchased. It has a red dot that is projected to the exact spot where the scope is aimed. 

The altazimuth mount of the telescope is like a camera tripod with a handle that can be moved up and down as well as right and left. This is convenient for scanning an area. It can be locked in place with a clutch knob, or the drag of movement can be increased. It is important as a safety precaution to keep control of the pan handle at all times even though the optical tube has good balance. 

The tripod is pre-assembled and lightweight with 1.5 inch diameter stainless steel tube legs. It can be adjusted without tools for observations when standing or sitting. The legs are locked by spreader bars that make it a rigid and stable platform. It also has an accessory tray that is convenient for keeping eyepieces that attaches to the spreader bars. Another aspect that makes it easy to use is the knobs for adjusting the height of the legs. They are on the inside, so clothing and straps don’t snag on them. 

Included with the AstroMaster 70 is TheSky Level 1 software that has a database of 10,000 stars and objects that can be displayed on a Windows-based computer. This shows what the telescope can observe without the overload of detail that cannot be seen. 

There is a Celestron two-year limited warranty against flaws in workmanship and materials. This is an excellent telescope for anyone over 13 who is interested in astronomy and wants a first hand working knowledge of the night sky. Also, because it is so light and easy to assemble it is good for trips, local or world-wide, to see more of the world around.

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Celestron 31150 AstroMaster 114 EQ Reflector Telescope

For an introduction to stargazing and astronomical observation at the best value, there is no other telescope to consider besides the Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ Reflector Telescope. The AstroMaster 114 is first a well-crafted durable telescope, and is a perfect first experience for telescope alignment and operation. The AstroMaster 114’s quality optics are all glass and multi-coated for the best image. Though the aperture is 114mm, the focal length produces a magnified image that enhances the quality of the viewing experience. In addition, Erect Image Optics corrects the upside-down image of other refracting telescopes. This feature makes it the perfect land and sky telescope. 

From the first moment, the AstroMaster 114 is easy to use. The entire unit features easy-to-assemble construction and requires no tools, which means setup is simple and quick. The tripod is sturdy and functional with a snap-in accessory tray and secure mount. Slow motion cables and well-balanced counterweights lead to precise control for a beginner. The Setting Circles on the German Equatorial Mount make it easy to track objects, and with an optional motor drive, you can automatically follow objects. 

It is readily apparent from the first look that this entry-level telescope perfectly executes its designed purpose. You can quickly and easily see details on the moon, as well as Jupiter and Saturn, standards for beginning observation. A little practice and expertise, and you can get clear, precise images of star clusters and nebulae. An attached StarPointer finderscope makes locating and tracking objects for magnification easier, as well. With that in mind, beginning imaging is also easy and effective. The level of magnification and focus are perfect for terrestrial and celestial photography, and the key value of the AstroMaster 114 is the ability to handle both with clarity. Though you might not be imaging deep-space objects with it, you can use it to capture great images of objects on both land and in the sky.

Finally, the provided software is equally valuable for the beginning astronomer. “The Sky” Level 1 is a planetarium-style program that not only provides sky maps but also information about 10,000 objects. It is a perfect complement to the viewing power of the AstroMaster 114, as easy-to-find objects in the program translate to easy-to-find objects with the telescope. The Celestron AstroMaster 114 is the ideal introduction to telescopic observation.

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