Celestron Telescopes For Study & Fun

Celestron telescopes are among the best sellers and it’s not hard to see why when you take into account that it’s a brand synonymous with top of the range optical instruments. 

Their product range includes not only telescopes, but also sport optics (binoculars, and microscopes.  Founded in 1960, the company has been in a process of continuous development of the telescope ever since.  They strive to invoke a sense of curiosity, wonder, and fun among those who purchase their telescopes.

Celestron Telescopes For Study & Fun

The late theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking used a Celestron telescope to explore the universe from his home in Cambridge. The device was configured to be controlled from his PC and with it he was able to explore things like craters on the Moon, the Orion Nebula, and a pair of galaxies in the constellation Ursa Major.  It would be hard to find a more clear endorsement for a brand than that!

Celestron have a global outreach program, “… dedicated to promoting the importance of science education and dark-sky preservation throughout our communities.”

The company ethos is very much about promoting an interest in science and exploration.

4 Best Selling Celestron Telescopes

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Choosing one of the Celestron Telescopes

Too much choice can be bewildering, especially if you’re not familiar with all the terminology.  We’ve covered some of the basic information about telescope specifications in our Best Telescope For Kids & Starters post.  What follows is more information and some that is specific to Celestron telescopes.

Io, one of Jupiter's moons

Celestron’s own guides advise the reader to get to know all the various types first and to conduct a certain amount of research before buying.  So if you’re reading this then you’re following that advice.

Telescopes show an inverted image of the target object and the optional image erector flips the resulting image to show the object the right way up. When you’re looking at astronomical objects an inverted image doesn’t matter so much but it would if you were using the same telescope to view things on the ground.  The image erector loses some of the light by processing the image so it’s not always used with astronomy telescopes.

Celestron suggest that after the best quality optics for the lenses and mirrors, the next most important thing is the quality of the telescope’s mount.  This is because the slightest movement can cause a wobble in the view and this shake is magnified with the increase in magnification of the telescope. So it’s really important to have a very firm and steady mount.

Telescope Mounts

The simplest form of mount is the alt-azimuth (altitude and azimuth).  The mounts provide movement in the vertical plane (up and down) and the horizontal plane (left and right).  

Dobsonian mounts (named after their inventor, John Dobson) and are generally used for larger reflectors with tubes more than 16 inches across.  The telescope sits in the mount and can be detached easily, make them transportable.

Motorised Equatorial mounts are designed to keep the telescope aligned to an object by compensating for the Earth’s rotation.  As the Earth spins the sky seems to move, so in order to maintain a fix on any object the telescope must move as well.

GoTo mounts are motorised alt-azimuth mounts connected to a computer.  The computer contains a database of thousands of objects in the night sky.  The user selects the object and the computer calculates its position and not only accurately aligns the telescope to it but tracks it as it moves.  

The GoTo feature is a desirable feature since it saves so much time. The ability to rely on the telescope to find an object will draw in and hold your attention much more easily.  After all, you want to observe the sky, not spend a lot of time trying to find things to look at.  

The Moon and Jupiter

Celestron’s NextStar range of computerised telescopes

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Celestron’s Astromaster LT range produce bright, clear images of the Moon and planets

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The new generation of Celestron telescopes includes WiFi control using their free SkyPortal app.  So now you can simply select the object on your smartphone and instruct the telescope to go to it.

Support for Celestron Telescopes

As you can see some of these telescopes are quite an investment, so you’ll want the reassurance of not only the standard two year warranties but also professional support from the manufacturers.  

Happily, Celestron delivers here too.  Registering your product will activate the warranty.  If you need support with the setup and use of your telescope then there is a knowledge base to explore, as well as manuals and software updates.

They also provide some setup videos that show you exactly how to assemble and prepare your telescope.  In fact, their YouTube channel contains over 190 videos covering all kinds of subjects, tutorials, and how-to guides (playlist of 24 videos).  So there’s plenty there to keep you occupied when the cloud prevents any star gazing.

If your telescope malfunctions then they have a ticketing system for submitting support requests, as well as online chat for quick questions and updates.

It’s worth following the brand on social media, particularly by subscribing to their YouTube channel.  You can learn much from reading the comments from other owners who react to videos they’ve watched. If you post a question you may find another owner can answer it for you.  


The best telescope for you is the one you use most.  A large, heavy, and powerful telescope may have been exciting to set up and use the first few times but if it’s a chore to do so then it can quickly become another unused item in a cupboard.   

A smaller, lighter telescope that is ready in minutes and which tracks objects across the sky, leaving you free to observe and take photographs, is a much better investment.  

The telescopes we’ve listed above are the best sellers with the highest ratings.  If you read the reviews that people have left you’ll see why they continue to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in those who own them.

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