Konus Konusmotor Telescopes

Konus Konusmotor Telescopes: 130 Reflector

Perfect for beginner or advanced skywatchers, the Konus Konusmotor reflector telescope lets you watch the skies and your budget at the same time. The reflector is designed to offer you the best and brightest views of the deeper space objects so that you’re going to be able to view galaxies, the more faint nebulae as well as clusters and planets very ably.

The Konus Konusmotor-130 5.1” reflector telescope is very lightweight, is compact in size making it easy to store and easy to transport for your spur of the moment trips out skywatching. The equatorial mount is fixed with a motor drive that is battery driven so its easy to keep your nebulae in your field of view. There are also some wonderful and very unexpected things you’re going to find on the Konus Konusmotor telescope that you don’t normally find on the telescopes in this price range. 

The economical Konus Konusmotor brings you an electrical focus, two very soft shoulder strap carry bags with which to carry your telescope as well as your mount and tripod, and the optical tube can be separately carried. 

The Konus Konusmotor also comes complete with a CD-ROM which offers you some very good star charting software so that you’ll easily find your way around the night time skies. Moon Maps and sky maps are also part of the package, featuring labeling to help you find your way around, along with charts of the constellations, the deep skies and most of the major stars.

The wider aperture that the Konus Konusmotor telescope brings you is a great choice for the beginning starwatcher who needs to see the skies in a more broad range at first. If you’re up for seeing a lot more of our solar system and a few things besides, then the Konus short tube is probably the right choice for you.

Konus Konusmotor 90mm/3.5″ Equatorial Refractor Telescope

You have always had a curiosity about the stars. You read about space phenomena and are interested in taking a closer look on your own. Obviously, without the funding of a Research and Development grant, you can’t go out and buy a professional telescope. However, there are models available which can give comparable performance on your hobbyist’s budget. Today, we will be taking a closer look at one of those very products, the Konus Konusmotor 90mm 3.5 inch Equatorial Refractor telescope.

Konus Konusmotor Telescopes

The Konus Konusmotor 90mm scope offers the level of magnification necessary to take close looks at the moon or other planets in the solar system. The magnification and level of detail of the 90mm scope is roughly double the performance of a 60mm scope. This Konus model can resolve at 13 times the level of the naked eye. It also boasts a light grasp of 165 times the best human vision.

The Plossl eyepieces feature 59x and 100x settings. Plossl eyepieces are a trusted name in amateur astronomy, based on a design technology originally developed by Georg Simon Plössl. These eyepieces use high quality glass and ideally matched convex and concave lenses. This will help stave off any internal reflections which would interfere with your stellar studies.

The tripod includes an adjustable height setting. It also has slow motion controls which will help you see objects which are too faint for other telescopes. A good quality tripod defines the stargazing experience; you do not want shaky footing when looking over such great distances, as every inch counts.

To conclude, the Konus Konusmotor 90mm 3.5 inch Equatorial Refractor telescope is an ideal choice for the hobbyist who does not have a huge budget to spend, but needs the kind of quality a scientist would accept. You want to resolve close detail on planets and moons, and this telescope will be able to do that at a very affordable price.

Bestseller No. 1
Konus Newtonian Telescope with Tripod KONUSNOVA-114, 1756
  • Newtonian telescope, diameter 114 mm, F.500 mm with two eyepieces of 8 and 20 mm, diameter 31.8 mm
  • Altazimutal frame and intubated and collimated optics with metal optical tube, supplied magnifications: 62.5x - 25x - 125x - 50x
  • Tripod with metal legs and storage shelf (78 to 121 cm)
  • Barlow 2x Lens, Lunar Filter and Smartphone Adapter
  • Excellent for the deep sky thanks to the good ratio between aperture and focal
Bestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 3
Konus Telescope Refractor with Tripod KONUSNOVA-70, 1755
  • Refractor telescope, diameter 70 mm, F.800 mm with two eyepieces 8 and 20 mm, diameter 31.8 mm
  • Altazimuth frame and optics intubated and collimated with metal optical tube, magnifications provided: 100x - 40x - 200x - 80x
  • Tripod with metal legs and storage shelf (78 to 121 cm)
  • Stardot Red Spot Finder, Moon Filter and Smartphone Adapter
  • Barlow 2x lens, 1.5x image rectifier and 45° diagonal mirror

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