Konus Konustart 900 Telescope

Although few in number these days the Konus Konustart telescopes are great value as started telescopes for beginners. This excellent telescope, the Konus Konustart 900, gives surprisingly good value. It is certainly a budget telescope, weighing in at little more than a hundred dollars. However, you get a little more than what you pay for in this case, as the Konustart 900 comes with features most telescopes in that price range can’t even dream of.

To begin with, there is a battery operated motor which allows it to track items across the night sky, allowing you to stargaze to your heart’s content without having to constantly readjust your telescope. To use the motor properly, make sure you’ve aligned the telescope with the North celestial pole, a task that is easy because the Konustart 900 also comes with a finderscope for easy initial alignment.

Konus Konustart 900 2.4″ equatorial refractor: an excellent bargain for hobbyists

The optics are great: you get good contrast and a high amount of light in the lens due to the special coatings that are on it. In addition, there’s a dew shield on the end of the lens which will slow down the speed at which dew forms on your telescope, which means you’ll spend less time wiping it off to get a clear view. The Konustart 900 also has a focusing mechanism that stops blurriness, so you don’t have to worry about that either. 

Since this telescope is made primarily to track objects as they travel across the sky, it’s not a good buy if you need something with a wide field of view. However, if you are looking to get a close view of one specific celestial body, the Konustart 900 is an excellent choice for the budding astronomer. There’s even a lens cover so you can take a really good look at the Moon, which is important because the Moon’s surface is so bright it can sometimes be hard to make out details.

Konus includes CDs and software which can help learn constellations and other familiar sky locations, which make this an even better buy for beginners than it otherwise would be.

Even if you’re not a rank beginner, though, this telescope makes an excellent and cheap backup for more powerful equatorial refractors.

Konus Konustart 900

Konus Konustart 90, 3.5″ equatorial refractor

The Konus Konusmotor 90mm scope offers the level of magnification necessary to take close looks at the moon or other planets in the solar system. The magnification and level of detail of the 90mm scope is roughly double the performance of a 60mm scope.

This Konus model can resolve at 13 times the level of the naked eye. It also boasts a light grasp of 165 times the best human vision. The Plossl eyepieces feature 59x and 100x settings. Plossl eyepieces are a trusted name in amateur astronomy, based on a design technology originally developed by Georg Simon Plössl. These eyepieces use high quality glass and ideally matched convex and concave lenses. This will help stave off any internal reflections which would interfere with your stellar studies.

The tripod includes an adjustable height setting. It also has slow motion controls which will help you see objects which are too faint for other telescopes. A good quality tripod defines the stargazing experience; you do not want shaky footing when looking over such great distances, as every inch counts.

To review, the Konus Konusmotor 90mm 3.5 inch Equatorial Refractor telescope is an ideal choice for the hobbyist who does not have a huge budget to spend, but needs the kind of quality a scientist would accept. You want to resolve close detail on planets and moons, and this telescope will be able to do that at a very affordable price.

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