Sky-Watcher Refractor Telescopes

Sky-Watcher offer a range of both reflector and refractor telescopes. In this post we list some of the Sky-Watcher refractor telescopes.

Sky-Watcher Equinox 80 Fluorite ED Telescope Refractor

The amateur astronomer needs a high performance telescope at a price you can squeeze into your hobby budget. Luckily, the advancements in telescope technology have delivered some affordable options that can enhance your vision to stellar distances. Let’s take a look a great, high quality model which would be affordable to many hobbyist astronomers, the Sky-Watcher Equinox 80 Fluorite ED Telescope Refractor. 

This high quality telescope enjoys many of the features which a scientist would require. The Equinox series is the high end version of the ED refractors. Of the apochromatic refractor models available in the Sky-Watcher family, this is the highest quality series. Sky-Watcher’s ED series is designed to be a scientist’s quality refractor while keeping the costs down for the hobbyist.

The Equinox 80 boasts the best possible grade ED fluorite glass. This will stop false color and deliver high contrast. The wide field of view and fast speeds are ideal for astrophotography. It includes a Crayford focuser; this very precise model allows for two-speed focusing. 

Whether you want to bird-watch or study the heavens, the high quality optics and mechanics on this model are a perfect fit. This kind of versatility will allow for a huge variety of applications.

This Sky-Watcher model comes with an aluminum carrying case. This is key for keeping your telescope in ideal shape even when traveling. It features a 1.25″ adapter with brass compression rings. The drawtube has a graduated scale for accurate focusing with CCD or DSLR cameras. 

In conclusion, The Sky-Watcher Equinox 80 Fluorite ED Telescope Refractor is a very high end telescope. However, this does not mean you will be paying a professional quality price, as this model is ideally manufactured to keep the costs reasonable for your amateur pursuits. If you need a scope which will deliver top quality viewing at a reasonable price, this is definitely the model for you.

Sky-Watcher Refractor Telescopes

Sky-Watcher Startravel 150 HEQ5 6″ f/750 Refractor

With a direct SLR camera connection and a built in scope holder, the six inch Sky-Watcher refractor telescope is the perfect scope to take along for the ride. 

Sleek and lightweight, the six inches of telescope don’t weigh a lot to carry around, but still assure you that you’re going to see what you’re looking at when it comes time to view the night skies. The f/750 refractor telescope is a compact two element with proven good performance. It is a great telescope for viewing nebulae, planets, bright galaxies as well as star fields and star clusters.

The Sky-Watcher Startravel gives you a great view of the terrestrial, as well as the extra-terrestrial. With a wide field and a short tube, the scope is great for beginning astronomers who are just finding their way around the heavens. The easier, wider view will assist them in their first phase of finding the various stars and constellations.

With its fast focal ratio, it’s also perfect for the intermediate who wants to take a few great photos. The high speed films of today make it very useful for gathering photos of lunar eclipse as well as solar, and you can also take some great nature and wildlife photos too. 

A deluxe Barlow lens with a camera adaptor and the finder scope (6×30) make it a great scope for the beginner, in order to help their interest along. It is also a light, highly portable one that the more serious star watcher will find useful as well.

Skywatcher Startravel 80 (80/400) Telescope with Stable AZ3 Stand and Accessories
  • Two high-quality 1.25 inch Plossl eyepieces (26mm/12.5mm focal length)
  • Eyepieces in metal design, multi-coated lenses
  • 2x Barlow lens 1.25"
  • Red dot finder
  • Scope of delivery: 2 high-grade 1.25 inch Plossl eyepieces with 26mm and 12.5mm focal length (metal version) with multi-coated lenses, incl. 90 degree diagonal mirror, 2x Barlow lens 1.25 inch, red dot finder

Sky-Watcher Refractor Telescopes: Evostar 90 EQ

Top of the line of telescopes which are produced by EvoStar, the Sky-Watcher offers you the ability to view all that you want to see in the night sky. The Refractor Telescopes afford a better view of deep sky, offering you the best star watching you can get at an affordable cost. 

These top range Sky-Watcher EvoStar telescopes have a wonderful advantage due to their use of the Schott glass in the manufacturing process.

Schott Glass is one of the world’s leaders in glass making for precision lenses and instrumentation. Schott is used for camera lenses, medical instruments as well as the best telescopes in the world. Your telescope will show you how much better the view can be when you purchase from EvoStar’s Sky-Watcher range of telescopes.

Schott and Sky-Watcher will be working together due to the agreement they signed that makes them partners in telescope manufacturing. In 2008 they signed what is known as a co-branding agreement for manufacture. This means that your Sky-Watcher Evostar will use the World famous Schott glass in their refractors making the telescope one of the top in it’s class. Definitely a bonus when you want to see the night skies more concisely. 

Top-range, yet easy to use and durable, the Sky-Watcher gives you a lot of telescope for your money. 

Skywatcher Evostar-90 EQ-2 Refractor Telescope Black
  • Magnifications (with optics supplied): x36 and x90
  • 65 % more light gathering than 70 mm
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Box contents: 90 mm (3.5 in) f / 900 refractor telescope, ocular lens included (1.25 in): 10 mm and 25 mm, 6 x 30 finder scope, 1.25 in / 31.7 mm star diagonal, EQ 2 equatorial mounting, aluminium stand with accessories compartment

Sky-Watcher Mercury 607 Refractor Telescope

When beginning an adventure in astronomy, the potential expenses can be mind numbing and fairly frightening. However, the Sky-Watcher Mercury 607 Refractor Telescope is an excellent entry-level unit that will not only please with its capabilities, but with the price as well. 

The Sky-Watcher Mercury 607 Refractor Telescope only has three available magnifications; x35, x70, and x140. These levels are absolutely adequate for most beginners, and even intermediate users won’t be displeased with the performance.

The tube is made up of aluminum and boasts an all metal design, so the Sky-Watcher Mercury 607 Refractor Telescope is surprisingly durable. In addition, the carrying case creates an excellent and safe storage place for the unit as well. The all aluminum tripod is also very strong and provides an excellent base virtually anywhere.

One of the neatest features about the Sky-Watcher Mercury 607 is its ability to be used as a spotting scope. In fact, to make this even easier there is a red dot finder built into the telescope. The versatility of the scope is perhaps one of the most common reasons more experienced people choose it.

Although most compact refractor telescopes utilize a 60mm objective lens diameter, the Sky-Watcher Mercury 607 has a 60mm objective lens diameter. It may not seem to make a huge difference to some novices, but a good estimate is that it increases the light gathering by at least 1/3. 

Enthusiasts choose refractor telescopes for many different reasons, but the most common factors that influence the decision are durability and a lack of maintenance required. The closed tube design means that only the exposed lens surfaces will ever need cleaning, and no realignment is required. Of all the refractors available on the market today, there is not one as compact and as capable as the Sky-Watcher Mercury 607 Refractor Telescope. Whether an individual is a new astronomy student or a more experienced person seeking a smaller telescope, it is an excellent option and will not leave a buyer with any regret.

Skywatcher Mercury 607 Refractor Telescope SK607AZ2
  • Magnifications (with optics supplied): x35, x70, x140
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 60mm
  • Telescope Focal Length: 700mm (f/11.66)
  • X2 Barlow Lens 1.25"
  • Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray

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