Two Tasco Telescopes

In this post we describe two Tasco telescopes that might make wise choices for a newcomer to astronomy

Tasco 525 Power Refractor Telescope

The 525 Power Refractor Telescope from Tasco is a great choice for the hobbyist astronomer. It is an affordable option that has decent lenses and a sturdy housing. If you are a beginning astronomer, or just love being able to look at the moon in more exquisite detail, the Tasco 525 is for you.

The number “525” indicates the Focal Length of the telescope, so this telescope’s view-finder is 525mm (or roughly a little more than half a meter) away from the first lens. This is a refracting telescope, which uses several technologies to give a clean, crisp image of the stars in magnified detail. The refractor design is very easy to operate and maintain, and is a reliable design that has endured for decades. When the refractor design is combined with high-quality glass optics, the images of the stars and planets are clear, bright and crisp.

Tasco has catered to much of the low-end, amateur market, and continues to provide telescopes cheaply and quickly. Tasco has literally sold millions of telescopes. Many hobbyists have chosen Tasco telescopes because of the incredibly low prices. Tasco Telescopes make great gifts for any person intrigued by the stars, and can help anyone start a hobby or even a career in the Astronomy fields. Most department stores with specialty science toy section will have a number of Tasco telescopes available.

If you are looking for an affordable solution for gazing at the stars, the Tasco Refractor Telescopes are some of the best options available. Some astronomers are still using the Tasco telescopes they got as children, and are still pleased with Tasco reliability.

Tasco Luminova 114 x 900 mm Reflector Telescope, 40114675, Ideal for Beginner and Advanced Amateur Astronomers, Gold
  • Ideal for beginner and advanced amateur astronomers
  • Track objects for long periods without losing them from view
  • Barlow lens doubles eyepiece for more magnification options
  • Reflector telescope
  • Distinctive champagne silver finish

Tasco Spacestation 4.5″/114mm Reflector Telescope Kit

The Tasco Spacestation 4.5″/114mm Reflector Telescope Kit is a great budget, entry level telescope. If you’re looking for a kit that offers a low-risk introduction to observation at a value price, consider the Tasco Spacestation.

The Spacestation offers a large refractor, and at 114mm, the light collection is noticeably large for a beginning telescope. The large dimension produces 900x magnification, and the focal ratio supports the image quality to create views of many introductory celestial objects. The rack and pinion focusing mechanism is effective and easy to use. In addition, the kit comes with three eyepieces, and the combination of all three produce a wide range of images. This versatility supports the first needs of beginner astronomers, as it does not require additional purchases to produce a satisfying first experience. The all glass, coated optics are of quality construction for a introductory telescope.

For locating objects, the Spacestation is equipped with several accessories that make observation and tracking easy for any level of stargazer. First, the finderscope features an adjustable LED and Red Dot to locate objects in the night sky. The equatorial mount allows for smooth movement and controlled adjustment. The mount is atop an adjustable aluminum tripod with an attached accessory tray.

Two Tasco Telescopes

Also, the unit comes pre-assembled, so set up is simple and requires no tools. Finally, the kit comes with several documents and a CD that enhance the observation experience. The provided Moon Map is the most valuable, as it provides an accurate and useful guide for viewing the moon (a moon filter is included and it improves the contrast for that specific use). Also, Tasco provides a CD of its SkyWatch software. The construction instructions make setting up the kit easy, and the instruction manual is incredibly detailed for all aspects of its operation.

The Tasco Spacestation is an ideal first telescope. While the large refractor and out of the box capability provided by sufficient accesories are great for the first time and experienced astronomer alike, the construction and quality of the scope is appropriately priced and is a great primer for the next level telescope.

The mount and tripod do an adequate job of supporting the scope, but leave a little to be desired. The imaging produces enough quality to clearly portray notable objects and produce enough detail for new observers. The Tasco Spacestation 4.5″/114mm Reflector Telescope Kit is well-priced for those interested in their first telescope.

Tasco SpaceStation 114 x 500 mm Reflector Telescope, 9114500, Ideal for Intermediate Amateur Astronomers, Black
  • Ideal for intermediate amateur astronomers
  • Ideal for observing the moon and planets
  • Coated optics for clear and bright images
  • Reflector telescope

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